Why DNSSocial?

  • Dns record

    Record Supported

    DNSSocial supports all DNS record types including A, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, AAAA, SRV, etc.

  • Vanity nameservers module

    We are giving you freedom to change your name server to your liking. By using vanity nameserver, you can hide DNSSocial name server and use your own domain as your name server. Now that is a convenient feature when you want a consistent info when people WHOIS your domain.

    Vanity ns
  • Short url

    Short URL and URL Forwarding

    Setting DNS Forwarding and Short URL has never been easier using DNSSocial. You can add wildcard to your DNS Forwarding and also setup Short URL for a ling URL.

  • Dynamic DNS

    Your server does not have Static IP? DDNS is available for you to use. So you can host your website using your dynamic ip and we take care the DNS resolving for you.

    Dynamic dns
  • International domain names

    IDN supported

    You use non-ASCII in your domain? No problem, DNSSocial support International Domain Names (IDN), so your non-english visitor can surf to your website with their own language and characters.

  • Global ns

    Globally located NS

    Our NS server are located at strategic place globally. All DNS resolutions are routed to the nearest server to reduce latency and provide redundancy.

  • Update in Realtime

    All change made at DNSSocial are updated and propagated to other server in realtime. You won't lose a second in your life time again.

    Update realtime
  • Minimum ttl

    Minimum TTL 5 Min

    3600 TTL is too long for your DDNS? We provide you with only 5 minutes TTL, so you can update faster and work efficiently faster.

  • DNS view

    Coming Soon.

  • Advance gui

    Advanced GUI

    Enter the sleekest and the most responsive GUI ever made. It is so easy to use that you don,t need any manual with it.

  • Templates

    Use the predefined templates and work faster and easier. Get all setup and ready within seconds.

  • Auditing and reporting

    Auditing and Reporting

    DNSSocial is equipped with the best reporting tool for DNS need. You can monitor your dns query from their origins to their top zone query. All is crafted into a rich and powerful statistical graph. DNSSocial also provides you with comprehensive Auditing tool which help you know who and when change have been made to your zone.

  • Share and assign

    Share or assign your domain to your friends.

    Sharing is caring, so share and assign your domain to anyone you like.

  • Get reward point by inviting

    Stance a chance to win mystery gift by inviting and sharing your domain with others.

    Invite reward
  • Facebook integration

    Facebook Integrations

    One and only DNS Service which seamlessly integrate with facebook. Register and login by using your facebook account. Post update on your domain to facebook directly.

  • Dnssec ready

    DNSSEC Ready

    DNSSEC is the new DNS security features that provides you fool proof DNS transactions. Protect your Domain and be sure your customer are directed to your website safely.

  • Secure communications

    DNSSocial support https protocol for encrypted communications and itself is already signed with DNSSEC. We promise you the best protections ever for our products.

    Secure comunications
  • Firewall


    Our server is protected by a powerful firewall, all dns register with us are protected from DDOS attack. As our customer, you can rest assured as we provide the best protections for your needs.

  • Assign dnssec

    Simple DNSSEC Activations

    There are no other service provided the simplest DNSSEC activations other than DNSSocial. Just click “Assign DNSSEC” and everythings is already taken care of. The only thing for you to do is submit the generated keys to your domain registrar and all done.

  • Auto Key Management

    With DNSSocial you do not have to worry about how you manage your DNSSEC key. All you have to do is activate DNSSEC, inform your domain registrar and all will work smoothly.

    Auto key management
  • Ipv6 ready

    IPv6 ready

    Our DNS service is ready to serve you in the present and future. Equipped with the state of the art networking our DNS are reachable in the latest IPv6 world and ready to serve you anytime.

  • Simplified IPv6 reverse DNS

    We have work hard to simplify the process for you to add a reverse DNS for IPv6. Now it never been easier to add a reverse DNS for IPv6.

  • Sla


    We guarantee a 99.9% SLA for free members and 99.99% for the paid members.

  • Tech Support

    We give you our best tech support, just email us and we will be there to help you.

    Tech support